VIDEO – FX Liquidity: Virtual Vision Finance

Robert Buxton

12th June 2020

Jonathan Brewer, Managing Partner at IS Prime, joins the ‘Virtual Vision Finance’ liqiudity pannel discussion. 

The surge in trading volumes has found the FX liquidity landscape in good shape. Join senior participants from across the FX market as they discuss what has changed since 2015’s debacle, how the market machinery responded, and does a functioning ecosystem really need ‘disruption’.

Topics in focus

  • How did trading volumes affect price upticks and fill rates?
  • What role did innovative analytics play in FX in H1?
  • Will working from home and distancing create further fragmentation?
  • Beyond volumes: what challenges and good news did the covid-19 bring about looking forward? 


  • Hormoz Faryar – Global Head of Institutional Business – Equiti Group 


  • Laine Litman – Global Head of FICCC Liquidity – Virtu Financial
  • Drew Niv – Investor, Executive – Trader Tools, Gridsight
  • Jonathan Brewer – Managing Partner – IS Prime
  • Peter Durkan – CEO – Lucera