Workflow optimisation, essential for FX brokers

Robert Buxton

13th December 2019

Good workflow and optimisation go hand in hand. Indeed, the terms are almost synonymous.

Workflow embraces all the steps that need to be taken to ensure business tasks are handled as efficiently as possible, from initiation through to completion. In the context of FX brokerage, the workflow journey also covers all the pre-trade, execution and post-trade activities that are required to create a seamless end-to-end experience for clients.


Tighter regulations, evolving market structures, and the hunt for liquidity are just some of the challenges that underline the importance of streamlining work processes and using the right tools and expertise to remove bottlenecks, increase efficiency and deliver client satisfaction. Without this focus and organisational rigour, a broker’s trading environment will always be compromised. In a marketplace that is now increasingly complex, brokers can benefit from working with trusted partners who can help them optimise this workflow. 

Workflow Optimisation-1

External vision, inside knowledge 

To be able to identify where adjustments are needed and have the greatest impact, workflow optimisation demands a detailed understanding of a broker’s business model and its clients’ needs and expectations, as well as knowledge of underlying business drivers and market pressures, whether technical, commercial or regulatory.

In short, good workflow optimisation requires an external perspective to ensure internal efficiency and focus. 

This is where IS Prime and IS Risk Analytics (ISRA), both a part of the ISAM Capital Markets group, can make a big difference. Few specialist liquidity and technology providers can match the group’s sector specific knowledge and technology infrastructure, which combines high-end trading system components with proprietary software developed in house. The result is a unique hybrid model that enables us to deliver highly tailored solutions to our customers.

Our aim is to deliver the highest levels of service across the entire trade cycle. By working in close partnership with our clients, we understand their individual needs around both their upstream and downstream trading. At each stage, our clients receive a bespoke service to improve their workflows. For example, we help our clients customise the way that their systems interact with our systems and our liquidity. This ensures that their clients are set up and executing most effectively.

Promoting workflow health 

Another benefit of working with IS Prime and ISRA is that we offer a free dedicated ‘health check’ service covering all aspects of a client’s business, which can lead to a wide range of technical and operational enhancements. Amongst other things, health checks can pinpoint technology weak spots, highlight where upgrades would be most beneficial and improve risk set-ups. IS Prime will expose any areas where there are poor procedures or systems, such as complicated bridge infrastructures and inefficient liquidity structures, and then find the best solution. 

Just as a car needs regular servicing to ensure peak performance, trading depends on regular workflow analysis and refinements to maximise profitability. Working with IS Prime, brokers can make efficient and highly optimised workflow a foundation for success.